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im so stupid
Friday, 5 September 2014 | 11:03 | 1 chocolate
Hey..  tbh I feel kind of uneasy so I decided to open this abandoned blog and yeah to write all my weird feelings right now. Okay.. actually me and my bf has just got into a fight. Actually that was just a small matter but me, yeah you know me LOVES to make it bigger. So I asked him to give me 3 days to think bout our relationship. 3 days.

Me myself dunno what am thinking like seriously tho 3 days? Can I survive like fckg 3 days without him? Aigo I guess can but maybe it takes time. Idk I wanna cry so bad T.T

I just afraid that he might do something stupid like shot himself or what but guess not but just afraid cuz he told me this before “you go and I’ll kill myself” dafuq so creepy aigo hope he thinks wiser and didn’t do that kind of things.

So what should I do? Should I go and say sorry to him? But im scared that he wont reply my chat after what ive done to him. Haishh. Or should I wait till Monday? Im sure I have broke his heart like a million times already . poor him. He tried his best to make me feel better. Should I go say sorry ? aghhh idk what to do halp T.T

Yea I think I should make a 1st move cuz all this thing happened bc of me. No doubt lol.

Okay I gotta go now. bubyee
saye ponteng harini hehe
Thursday, 20 March 2014 | 16:10 | 0 chocolate

Harini last day sekolah before cuti panjang 1 minggu.. Seminggu je bruh. Mana rasa apa -.-

Tapi aku punya last day sekolah semalam hahaha cuz harini i got an appoinment dengan doctor untuk check hapetah aku taktau lol pegi jelah kann..

Tapi aku nak pegi sekolah harini cuz mesti dapat banyak markah exam.. last day kan.. Kalau tak memang nak kena tunggu cikgu bawak masuk dalam saps laa. Lama kot -.-

Btw, semalam result spm keluar... Aku pulak yang over excited kehkeh.. Macam mana la result aku tahun depan eh? Okay ke tak? Hahahaha :p

And aku dah dapat markah untuk 5 subject dahhhhh.. lagi 3 tak dapat. Sejarah Bm Sastera Melayu

Nak aku bagitau markah ke? Hahahahahaha taknak lol

Okay till hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. gtg. Bubye uolss hikhik..

p/s: tengah countdown for 1st anniversary with him <3 
hi :p
Tuesday, 18 March 2014 | 00:20 | 0 chocolate
Assalamualaikum hewlo!!!

nak dkt setahun aku x upadate benda ni hehehe

Ni kira cm comeback ah lol xDD

Okay tu ja nak ckp haha bye xD

p/s: 1st time publish entry guna phone hehe
Wednesday, 17 July 2013 | 14:45 | 0 chocolate
Assalamualaikum. Happy Ramadhan guys hahaha gila lama x bukak blog .

So camne nak ceritaa eyh emmm... Macam ni la, i got a bf. But i dont really sure dia consider me as dia punya apa idk u go ask him la lol. He layan me okay la. But the prob is my jealousy level bleh sampai tahap membunuh kot muahaha okay2 serious. idk why. I shouldn't feel liddat kan sebab i'm not his wife ke fiancee ke lol just kami mcm member je aku rasa. But this feeling urghhh killed me T.T

I tried to ignore all those mothafuckah feelings tapi takbleh la.

Dah la, yang lain2 aku masuk dalam diari. Kat sini too open. haha. So yeah bye

i dont know i am confuse :'/
Sunday, 23 June 2013 | 06:24 | 0 chocolate

Based on my previous post, i've already told u guys that i got a new crush. I dont really sure whether he is my crush or just... ntah. taktau.

And of cos he doesnt know that i got a hard feeling towards him uhh glad God.

And the mosttttttttt awkward moment is when he, himself asked me who is my crush and i was like wtf u r asking about URSELF oh God this is so hard :'/

And the most thing that made my heart broken into a small pieces is he had a lot lot lot of girl friends. kakak angkat la adik angkat la blablabla this is so irritating iam so sad :'(

Okay enuff i dont wanna talk about this thing anymore my heart cryin :'(
hermm emmm
Thursday, 20 June 2013 | 01:54 | 0 chocolate

Just short update i guess heh

So as I've mentioned before I have a crush named Isaac he is my schoolmate but he didn't even know that I even exist lewl I guess XD

But now all my feelings-meelings toward him is gone just tinggal 10% kut la . Cos ntah . Maybe cos I alr can accept the fact that he won't be mine . forever . huh so sad.

But the very the new probs now is i have new crush lagi la aghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

And the weird thing is I dont even know who the fuck is him lol okay bai