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THIS IS UNFAIRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Monday, 13 May 2013 | 04:43 | 0 chocolate

So today was my first time doin the sejarah paper 3. Well, it's quite easy if you search the point early. Well not too 'early' hehehe I did searched it ystday. So yeah better late than got nothing aite? At least I got my own pointsI can refer to so yeah, its helped me a lot today.

But I got some sad story here.

Y'know, for this paper we have to search the point by ourself. Selfjob! Do you know what its means? Means that we have to find le point by ourSELF. Not depends to the others to find le fucking point for ya! So the practical teacher (sorry I can't mention her name) came into my class. Then suddenly she saw my printed paper on my desk. She took my papers and told le whole class that the point needed for sej-3 was exactly like this. Then she put my paper back. Then she told me that I'm not supposed to salin sebijik-sebijik the point from the paper. So I was like oh oh emm so what can I do more I've don writing then.

But then suddenly she took again my paper and read the point there loudly to the whole class! WTH is goin on you just told me that I'm not supposed to rewrite the point but suddenly you read le point loudly to the whole class oh chicken fish what's wrong with you? You're bias! BIAS!!! Do you feel sad cos ur boys back there did'nt know the answer? You feel unfaired cos only me and ma friend I zzati got the answer? The point? 

So what the fucking hell probs here they didnt find it lol le internet is for what for bitch??? It was all there ! Internet!!! Use it la woi bangang! Then the teacher told me I should SHARE my point with the others oh wait fcking bitch do you know you just a practical teacher and the thing you just told me was fcking not trueee???? 

If I told Pn Kalai she'll definitely mad cos your words is a rubbish! Lol the question was given a MONTH ago and what the fcking ppl there searching for huh? Yeah I admit I searched the point ystsdy but at least I got my own points! 

What is wrong with you actually you remembered the students in le class name but not mine! I sat INFRONT of you and I wore a nametag! But keep asking my name oh my god you really hate me ey? You just care about the boys there am I right? 

Please I didnt meant to be rude but plsss be fair among ur students I'mma also ur student even its a bit hard to admit lol but yeah plss, they got their fucking hand so why didint they search it? Think first before you put the blame on me cos not sharing my points with others. 

So please, STOP BE BIAS!