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i dont know i am confuse :'/
Sunday, 23 June 2013 | 06:24 | 0 chocolate

Based on my previous post, i've already told u guys that i got a new crush. I dont really sure whether he is my crush or just... ntah. taktau.

And of cos he doesnt know that i got a hard feeling towards him uhh glad God.

And the mosttttttttt awkward moment is when he, himself asked me who is my crush and i was like wtf u r asking about URSELF oh God this is so hard :'/

And the most thing that made my heart broken into a small pieces is he had a lot lot lot of girl friends. kakak angkat la adik angkat la blablabla this is so irritating iam so sad :'(

Okay enuff i dont wanna talk about this thing anymore my heart cryin :'(