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well ~
Monday, 3 June 2013 | 06:10 | 0 chocolate

I've been in so much probs and trouble nowadays. Not feeling to tell you guys abt it. I'll just keep it as a secret , maybeeee.

So gotta less than a week for holiday but my family and I didnt go on a vacation to anywhere anyhow wtf so boring. I thought my father gonna bring us on a short vacation at least cos its 2 weeks guys. But yes the only place that we go is my kampung for sure. Lol. Yang tu pun tak sampai sehari.

He has been busy all the time and got no time to go holiday urm okay I understand. Im okay with it. (tak sebenarnya)

So before this, I mean before the holidays come I've made some plans yeah planning to hangout with the ol'budds and yeah, like we usually did when it comes to the long period of holiday but some problem occured which is now I dont really sure whether we are still goin to hang out or not?

Ive been tired of waiting blablabla tired of asking and so much more still didnt get any response maybe Imma not even exist? Lol.

They keep discussed without my presence or somehow and this thing lead to a fight.

Lol Ive story it all. lol

So now Imma pretty confuse. They never inform me a thing. Am I a invisible or what guys? Come on.

So I'm bit disappointed and sad cos they ignored me all these time. Made a discussion w/o me. And suddenly came out with le idea that wtf idontwannatalkabtit

So yeah I'm pissed of. Im outta of this place.