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im so stupid
Friday, 5 September 2014 | 11:03 | 0 chocolate
Hey..  tbh I feel kind of uneasy so I decided to open this abandoned blog and yeah to write all my weird feelings right now. Okay.. actually me and my bf has just got into a fight. Actually that was just a small matter but me, yeah you know me LOVES to make it bigger. So I asked him to give me 3 days to think bout our relationship. 3 days.

Me myself dunno what am thinking like seriously tho 3 days? Can I survive like fckg 3 days without him? Aigo I guess can but maybe it takes time. Idk I wanna cry so bad T.T

I just afraid that he might do something stupid like shot himself or what but guess not but just afraid cuz he told me this before “you go and I’ll kill myself” dafuq so creepy aigo hope he thinks wiser and didn’t do that kind of things.

So what should I do? Should I go and say sorry to him? But im scared that he wont reply my chat after what ive done to him. Haishh. Or should I wait till Monday? Im sure I have broke his heart like a million times already . poor him. He tried his best to make me feel better. Should I go say sorry ? aghhh idk what to do halp T.T

Yea I think I should make a 1st move cuz all this thing happened bc of me. No doubt lol.

Okay I gotta go now. bubyee